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April 2023 Results Are In

Congratulations to the April 2023 100-mile challenge participants!

We are proud to announce that 29 participants walked a combined 4,185 miles, raising over $17,000 in for charities.

A huge thank you to everyone that participated, including: 

Our top 3 winners will also receive some fun prizes for their participation and over achievements as they all greatly exceeded the 100-mile expectation.

Top 3 - Prizes
Kathi Bialik                                 Hypervolt Go 2
Sue Birmingham                       Nike Gift Card
Jon McGhee                               Stanley Quencher

Thank you all!


About the Challenge

Do you have a charity that you love? Would you be willing to walk 100 miles to support it?

In the month of April, we will be taking on a 100 mile challenge. If you can complete 100 miles of walking in the 30 days of April, the RS Foundation will donate $300 to your charity of choice. Bonus, the RS Foundation will match any money you raise in addition, up to $300.

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